How To Release Scarcity & Adopt An Abundance Mindset

How To Release Scarcity & Adopt An Abundance Mindset

Looking in the rear-view mirror every once in a while helps remind you of the distance traveled; the obstacles you’ve surpassed, the trials and tribulations you’ve overcome, the beauty you’ve experienced, the love you’ve shared and assists you in getting a clearer picture of where you’re going.  As we come to the end of another year, you may be using this time to review the last 365 days of your life.  But what next?  Taking the time to set goals for the future is a proactive way to use your self-reflection and the lessons learned as building blocks to a brighter future; one in-line with your highest self.  

With our busy lives it's easy to feel stressed out, disconnected or unsure of the future.  You’re not alone in this.  As a collective, we are constantly juggling the fear of not having with the desire for abundance.  Although it may seem like a huge feat, there are many small ways you can attract more prosperity in your life.  Though prosperity has become synonymous with wealth, the truest definition of prosperity lies in quality of life.  Here are 3 simple ways you can boost abundance in 2022 bringing more satisfaction to your existence.


1. Receiving more through the art of giving

You may be thinking this means some sort of transactional relationship - something like if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours; but in reality, that is not the truest form of giving.  By choosing to uplift others you’re really giving back to yourself.  As creators of our own reality, the perception of our surroundings is often a reflection of our internal environment.  Withholding what we desire from the world only blocks us from receiving or experiencing it ourselves.  By giving freely, that is without expectations or conditions, one is able to begin shedding the layers of a poverty mindset because to give voluntarily implies an understanding of abundance.  You don’t have to deny anyone anything out of worry that there isn’t enough to go around. It doesn’t have to be material.  Acts of kindness, words of praise or celebration, time and energy are all things you can give to others.  The key is to give willingly, without concern of losing anything because, ultimately, you are also giving back to yourself through a shift in psyche.  By giving more to others you attract more in your own life and raise your vibration through letting go of a scarcity mentality.


2. Release fear

Many of us operate from a place of fear.  Be it from experiences we’ve lived, warnings we’ve received or things we’ve witnessed.  Fear is a natural emotion, and one that is necessary to ignite a fight or flight response in times of danger.  But we’ve evolved to the point where, more often than not, perceived fear controls our actions and stunts our potential.  By letting go of fear, one is able to say good riddance to that gnawing imposter syndrome - the one that tells you you can’t be more than you currently are, have more than you already possess, see more than you’ve seen or experience anything other than what you already know.  By letting go of fear, one is able to open up to all the possibilities, bringing more into your life.  This doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving tomorrow, but by taking small steps every day to do something outside of your comfort zone, you are able to regain the confidence you forgot you had.  This helps take the blinders off that narrow your expectations and perception of life.  In time, the possibilities become endless and the potential for prosperity becomes greater.  You no longer feel like you have to live life on anyone else's terms but your own - making way for plentitude.


3. Becoming blissfully present in the process

Many times we are in such a rush to get to where we’re going that we often ignore the process of getting there.  Having a specific goal in mind is necessary, but have you ever noticed that whenever you reach your goal, you’re ready to set a new one?  There is nothing wrong with that, moving forward and growing is the purpose of life; without this, the Earth would have been stagnant, we never would have evolved.  But the fact of the matter is that our journey here on this planet is a process.  Evolution is a process.  Growth is a process.  Many times we are so focused on the end result that we forget that we are actively living a future memory.  Time is the only thing we have on this planet.  By being present in the process, you are slowing down the tempo while simultaneously speeding it up.  By using all your senses to fully experience the moment you are not caught up in your mind’s projection, dissatisfaction of your current state or anticipation of the end result.  When you are not living in the moment, it can feel like an eternity.  The saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is a statement we all can attest to.  By becoming more blissfully present in the process of life you are ushering in abundance because you are experiencing more.

These tips are simple ways to bring about more abundance in your life.  Reflecting on this year's journey will also bring an awareness of how much you already have.  Take time to appreciate all that 2021 has brought you and taught you so you can fuel yourself as you continue your journey forward.  As the great Poet and Philosopher Rumi once said, “Giving thanks for abundance is sweeter than the abundance itself…”.  

Written by Bayza Mirotchie