About Afiya Beauty

Afiya Beauty is a brand created by two sisters, Kaltum and Shamsa. Our combined passion for natural, organic beauty is the inspiration behind our brand. The term Afiya is of Arabic and Swahili origin and means "wellness/health".

Afiya Beauty is a space for those interested in letting their inner beauty shine through the help of natural products; promoting knowledge of techniques, methods, and ingredients to use to achieve healthy, glowing skin; and to connect with other glow-getters!

We look to the power of nature to heal, nourish, and repair the skin. We seek to intimately understand each ingredient we use, from its native climate to the extraction process. At Afiya Beauty, we take pride in using only the finest cold-pressed, wild-harvested (whenever possible) sustainably sourced 100% pure ingredients.

Our hope is not just to provide you with a wonderful product but to also give you an opportunity to revisit the power of self-care.


Kaltum has had a long-held passion for health and wellness and started her career as a Registered Nurse. She soon realized that school had only learned conventional medicine and also became aware that the cosmetics, skincare, and food she was consuming were filled with harmful chemicals and additives. Kaltum made it her mission to educate herself about the importance of using nature to unlock mind-body healing. She also studied natural health consulting to compliment her newfound passion.

Shamsa’s love affair with beauty and skincare began at an early age. However; once she became a mother, she quickly grew hypersensitive to the types of conventional products she was applying to hers and her children’s skin. After learning about the synthetic and harmful fragrances present in popular skincare products (including baby products) she began formulating her own creams, scrubs, and oils at home. She completed a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation at the School of Formula Botanica, where she gained the necessary skills and knowledge to create natural products that are gentle, non-toxic, and nourishing for the whole family. In 2018 we decided to work together and officially share our discoveries and passion for nature’s ability to unlock ultimate “glow power.”

Welcome to Afiya Beauty. We hope you love our products as much as we do.