Challenging the standard set by conventional beauty products

Skincare is an ancient art and ritual passed mother-to-daughter in Somali culture. Every Sunday, we gathered and made huruud – a face mask of ground turmeric. This practice taught us to slow down, care for our bodies, and replenish for the week ahead. 

After learning about the harmful health effects of conventional skincare products, we turned to our tradition of making beautifying oils, soaps, and lotions from natural ingredients.

The word Afiya is of Arabic and Swahili origin, meaning wellness and health.

Meet founders, Kaltum and Shamsa

Kaltum is a registered nurse who saw firsthand how hormonal disorders affected her female patients (particularly women of colour).

After struggling with health concerns, she made it her mission to educate herself on what we consume and use.

She is currently studying holistic nutrition and health coaching.

After two difficult pregnancies, Shamsa quickly became hypersensitive to the conventional products she applied to her and her children’s skin.

Learning about the harmful ingredients in popular skincare products (including baby products), she began formulating homemade creams, scrubs, and oils at home. 

She completed a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation at the School of Formula Botanica and gained the necessary skills and knowledge to create gentle, non-toxic, and nourishing skincare.

Afiya Beauty

In 2018, the sisters joined forces to meticulously source, blend, mix, and infuse formulations designed to elevate everyday wellness routines.

Afiya Beauty works with lab partners to research and innovate, particularly in creating high-performance extracts and botanical ingredients from food waste to meet sustainability goals.

We host regular workshops promoting knowledge of techniques, methods, and ingredients to help achieve healthy, glowing skin. You can sign up for our mailing list to take part.

Our mission is to provide safe and effective alternatives while advocating for transparency in the beauty industry and providing education.