Detox Clay Mask

  • $22.50

Our detox mask absorbs and removes impurities from the skin while deeply cleansing the pores and removing blackheads. Created from a blend of French green clay, kaolin clay, and Canadian glacier clay with added mineral and antioxidant-rich extracts. This soothing treatment is gentle yet powerful enough to deeply cleanse, giving your skin a bright and healthy glow in minutes. 


How:  Mix 1/2 tbsp. of powdered clay mask with a few drops of water until a thin paste is formed. Apply to skin (don’t forget your neck! ), avoiding the eye area. Rinse after 5-7 minutes, when dry, with lukewarm water and pat skin dry. 

When: Once per week after cleansing, or as needed as a spot treatment in problem areas

Did you know that our detox mask is customizable?

Mix ½ -1 TBSP of clay mask to 1 TBSP of raw unpasteurized honey in the drier winter months or if your skin needs a hydration boost. Honey is an excellent humectant which means it helps draw moisture into the skin

Mix ½- 1TBSP of clay mask to 1 TBSP of  Aloe Vera juice in the summer for a cooling and tightening effect 

Mix ½ -1 TBSP of clay mask to 1TBSP of rose water/hydrosols for aromatherapeutic benefits  


Kaolin (kaolin) clay, Illite (french green) clay, Canadian colloidal  (glacial) clay, salix alba (white willow bark) extract, spirulina maxima (spirulina) extract, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) (Irish moss) extract, Juniperus communis fruit oil.