How To Customize Our Detox Clay Mask

How To Customize Our Detox Clay Mask

What does your skin need today?

Our detox clay mask comes in a dry powder formulation - meaning it is 100% customizable and has the ability to work well with different ingredients we call “hydrators” to achieve the best results for you.

Which hydrator is best for you? 


Simple and easily accessible, water hydrates and activates the clay, promoting radiance by removing impurities, deeply cleansing pores, removing blackheads and controls excessive oil.

Use if you have: All skin types, particularly acne prone skin 



Honey is a humectant, meaning it has an amazing ability to trap and retain moisture. Honey also contains amazing antimicrobial and radiance boosting properties. Adding honey to the clay mask promotes moisture and calms inflamed skin.

Use if you have: Dry, dull or inflamed skin 

Castor Oil

Using a carrier oil is a great choice because not all oils are the same. There are oils containing “linoleic acid”, which has drying/astringent type properties. This is great for blemish and acne prone skin, and yes - these oils are good for oily skin too! Examples of these oils are safflower, rosehip and evening primrose oil.

If you require more deeply hydrating and skin repairing oils, then oils containing more “oleic acid” are your best friend. These oils draw moisture into the skin and work excellently for anti-aging. These oils include olive oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil.

You can also mix our Glow Daily Facial Oil (pictured below) to really promote hydration, radiance and glow!

Use if you have: all skin types, depending on the oil

Aloe Vera

You can use fresh aloe or aloe Vera gel. Aloe works amazingly well on inflamed, reddened and sensitive skin. It has an amazing cooling effect on the skin, which makes it a great treat during these summer months.

Use if you have: reddened, inflamed or sensitive skin 

Regardless of which hydrator you choose, the detox clay mask will provide you with an amazing deep cleansing and radiance boosting experience. We hope you enjoy the experience!