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Hands-On Natural Skincare Workshop Experience 






Together we will learn about holistic skincare and wellness practices by connecting with nature's ability to deeply nourish and heal the skin. In this hands-on, interactive workshop, you will learn how to create an intentional skincare routine that indulges your senses, heals your skin’s moisture barrier, reduces stress and inflammation, and promotes a natural glow, using 100% natural botanical ingredients and self-care practices. Then, with your newfound knowledge and our expert guidance, you will create your own custom facial masks from organic clays, plant extracts and herbs, hand selected by you, based on the current unique needs of your skin. We will then guide you through an intentional skincare routine and facial, including an herbal facial steam, light exfoliation, custom clay mask, thorough cleanse, a guided lymphatic facial massage and grounding breathwork exercises. We will be there to answer any questions you may have, and teach our tips and tricks to keeping skin radiant and healthy. 

We will enjoy herbal teas and light refreshments that support our health and skin from the inside out. You will be able to take home a sample of our glow daily illuminating facial oil, as well as a downloadable PDF of our intentional skincare routine to use in your daily skincare rituals. We are looking forward to connecting with you. Be prepared to learn, relax, connect, have fun and glow! 


We will provide: 

  • You'll be provided with all the ingredients and supplies necessary to create, mix and apply your own custom facial mask. You will also be provided with a sample of Glow Daily Illuminating Facial Oil to use at home, as well as an education package and a discount code for Afiya Beauty skincare products
  • Assortment of organic ingredients, including clays, plant extracts, dried herbs and cold pressed oils 
  • Sample of our Glow Daily Illuminating Facial Oil to take home 
  • Education package 
  • Herbal teas, fruit infused water and light refreshments 
  • Discount code for Afiya Beauty skincare products 


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